Essential Components of An Anti-Aging System

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Looking good, feeling good and having lots of energy are all possible if we develop our own anti-aging system and know the principles that support a long and active life. Studies of twins have shown that most of what determines our longevity is based on the lifestyle decisions that we make. This article is a summary of lifestyle choices and products that you can include in your life to help you, at the very least, delay the effects of aging.

Living Longer By Avoiding Certain Behaviors

To get off on the right foot, it is best to avoid certain oral behaviors such as smoking (which ages the skin and causes wrinkles as well as cancer) and excessive drinking (which damages the liver, an essential organ that has over 500 physiological functions in the body). If you are overweight, it is also advisable to put less food in your mouth and make smart choices as to what you do eat. Scientific studies have shown that limiting carbohydrate intake helps in improving health and longevity. More advice on carbohydrate restriction is given in one of the references below, but the general idea is to eat less per meal and avoid too many carbohydrates. This strategy helps the body by not overloading the digestive system and its responses.

Exercising As Part of an Anti-Aging System

Qigong and Tai chi are known to be helpful methods for improving one’s health by increasing flexibility, breathing capacity and bodily awareness. Qigong masters are also known to have healthier, rosier skin which is result of improved blood circulation and delivery of oxygen to the blood due to better breathing abilities. The advantage of doing these types of exercises over traditional methods is that they are gentle and it is therefore easier to get health improvement without injuring the body, as can be done with high-impact exercises such as running or aerobics. Specific advice can be found in several of the blog entries given on this web site.

Supplements That Support Longevity

The first supplement that everyone thinks about as helping improving health and longevity is Asian ginseng. There are many studies that show the effect of taking this herb for improving mental performance, feelings of well being, cardiovascular health, reduction of fatigue and improving immune system function. Having all of these effects, this root from Traditional Chinese Medicine will definitely help improve longevity. Frequently, other Chinese herbs are mixed with ginseng like licorice root.  TCM formulas should vary based on your specific organ weaknesses. (Note: If you have high blood pressure (hypertension) ginseng is not recommended.)

Another plant, Siberian ginseng, is also used as a longevity aid. It is used in Russia as an adaptogen and to help people deal with stress. The evidence for the use of this particular herb to increase longevity is less convincing, and it should also be avoided by those with high blood pressure.

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