Medical Qigong Cancer Treatment

The following YouTube video shows a sonogram of a bladder tumor disappearing as a result of a type of medical qigong treatment that involves hand movements and chanting. This may seem impossible to someone who has little exposure to this healing modality; however, to practitioners who have been within a qigong community for several years, it is believable and it does happen. I personally have known people who have experienced remission from cancer following treatments at medical qigong centers.

The chant is directed at the tumor, helping effect dissolution of the mass, while the hand movements help the doctors make energetic contact with the tumor through the lao gong point in the palm of the hand. Qi can be emitted or absorbed through this point.  The doctors are well-grounded to help shunt the dissolved energy into the ground.

Medical Qigong Research for Cancer Treatment

This obviously is not the type of cancer treatment you normally find in the U.S. or Europe, but there are several medical centers where the effect of this type of treatment is being studied, not as a means of eliminating the cancer directly, but as a method of benefiting patients who are undergoing traditional chemotherapy programs – complementary alternative medicine (CAM), in other words. Randomized clinical trials have shown that patients have an improved sense of well being, less fatigue, fewer side effects from the chemotherapy and reduced inflammation. Studies that have focused in the past on survival rates have not been researched up to current scientific standards. I look forward to seeing trials reported that focus on medical qigong as a primary means of reducing cancer.

Availability of Medical Qigong Clinics

Medical qigong treatment is available in many locations across the world. China, of course, but you will find centers in the United States and Europe as well. For instance, there is the International Institute of Medical Qigong which has clinics in 18 states of the U.S., and in Bermuda, Canada, Belgium, Guatemala, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Look online and you will find more. These centers treat various ailments, sometimes specializing in certain areas.


1. International Institute of Medical Qigong Clinical Directory

2. Impact of Medical Qigong on Cancer

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