Cancer Centers Promoting Qigong Exercises

This is a list of cancer centers that are promoting Qigong Exercises as complementary therapy for assist in healing from this disorder. This list is not all-inclusive, but it demonstrates the support for qigong exercises within the medical community.

Joseph Friend Cancer Resource Center, University of California, San Francisco.  There is no fee for the classes, but you need to register (call (415) 885-3693) to join the group.  The classes are taught by a registered acupuncturist, Dr. Joseph Acquah.

The Supportive Care Unit of The Arizona Cancer Center, University of Arizona, 3838 N. Campbell Ave, Tucson, Arizona. Call (520) 694-1812 for getting more information on classes that are scheduled for October. The teacher is Heather, who is experience in both qigong and Tai chi. She has studied under several masters of these arts. I recommend visting the web link to see an explanation on how qigong supports health and healing in ways that nutrition and Western exercise methods do not.

The Wilmot Cancer Center of the University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, New York. The free session on December 16th is part of lecture series by the center. The teacher is Raphaela McCormack, who is a certified Qi Gong therapist. The number to call is (585) 275-6426.

The Integrative Medicine Clinic of The Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida sponsored a clinic in June of this year. I don’t know if they are still doing it, but you can give them a call at (813) 745-4630. If they aren’t, see if you can get the instructor’s telephone number for instruction.

Dr. Lorenzo Cohen, Ph.D. is a researcher at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. He studies the interface between Traditional Chinese Medicine and conventional therapy for cancer. The center has produced a qigong video with instructor Mike Powers. External qi emission has also been studied as a part of Dr. Cohen’s program. According to his website, Houston Qigong, Master Shi De Shan is currently associated with MD Andersen and is working with their cancer patients.

If anyone is aware of other cancer centers who are sponsoring classes or affiliated with qigong exercise programs related to cancer recovery, please drop a comment below and I will make a part of this blog entry. Blessings and healing to all….

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