ChiLel and Zhineng Qigong – Healing Methods for Many Diseases

A wall squat exercise recommended by Dr. Ming. Ming stated this as a very important exercise.

ChiLel Qigong is a derived from the practices of Zhineng Qigong. The brothers Luke and Frank Chan developed ChiLel Qigong after learning the methods of Dr. Pang Ming, who was the founder of a very successful qigong therapy hospital in China. Dr. Ming, who was trained as a traditional physician, put together the Zhineng practices in the 1980′s from his training with many masters of qigong. What is amazing about Dr. Ming’s work is that over 95% of the patients who visited his hospital were successfully treated. There were 450 disorders treated in over 300,000 patients who entered his program, including various types of cancer, diabetes and disorders of the liver and  kidneys.

Lift Up and Pour Down Movement Performed by Master Zhankui Liu.

Dr. Ming, who is in retirement now,has published several books, including Developing Human Potential Through Qigong. His legacy lives on due to the work of the Chan brothers and several other disciples who have become teachers, including Patricia van Walstijn who founded the Chi Neng Institute in Europe and Eduardo García Osegueda in Mexico City. There is also the Zhineng Qigong Educational Corporation in the Midwestern United States, which includes three teachers who teach at cancer centers and other locations: Debora Lissom, Debra Weisenburger Lipetz and Jan Lively. More teachers can be located through the directory at the Qigong Institute.

The Zhineng Qigong method includes both static (standing) and moving forms. Students are taught how to breath naturally from the dantien. Visualizations are also important in helping learn how to use the mind to become familiar with ch’i. Sounds are used to set up resonations to help in clearing out blockages. All of these practices help practitioners expand both their inner and outer awareness, assisting in expanding of one’s consciousness and possibilities of healthier living and being.


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