Cool Qigong Photos from SOCL

SOCL selected search results for qigong.

I am trying out the new Microsoft social network called socl and am enjoying the feature where you can accumulate photos from various sites. This is a screen shot of what I came up with that shows the range of things that qigong encompasses – its different spellings, different forms from ba duan jin to standing and sitting forms, the Chinese character, and some important people in the qigong world, including Drs. Yang Jwing Ming and Pang Ming, founder Zhineng Qigong. It is a diverse and thriving world! If you want to joing me on SOCL here is the link:

Hope to see you there as well.  (I still have a significant presence on Facebook too, including the Qigong Discussion Forum where I am inviting various people to join in.)

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Practitioner of Qigong and T'ai Chi in the water tradition of Lao Tse since 1995. See my blog entry on asthma to understand my healing journey.
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