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Dragon-Tiger Qigong is a Buddhist exercise that came from the Shao-Lin Temple about 1500 years ago.  It is the first type of qigong that I learned and it is taught by B. K Frantzis and his teachers.  It consists of seven movements and is considered a medical qigong because the hands trace the extraordinary energy vessels (bai mai) and help clear out blockages to get the energy flowing in the body in a healthy manner.  It is a powerful qigong method that helps you get in touch and feel your energy, and it is used in China to help people recover from a variety of diseases, including cancer.  Below is a video that shows a teacher doing the form with two repetitions per movement.

A new book and DVD set on Dragon-Tiger were published by Frantzis in 2011. You can buy the book at a discount on Amazon, but the DVD has to be bought on the EnergyArts.com site.

I have read the reviews of others on the book on Amazon and noted that one person with multiple sclerosis found the book too complicated. Thus, she did not recommend the book for people who are very ill. Although the movement has only seven total moves, it does require some balance to perform and their are subtleties in the movements.

For those who have poor balance, the qigong exercises for developing proprioception and balance would be helpful, like those given in the middle of Frantzis’ meditation book Relaxing Into Your Being. If you consider yourself unable to do these exercises, also consider the exercises for MS in the book, Qigong for Multiple Sclerosis: Finding Your Feet Again.  However, I have taught the form to several people who have had MS with great benefit.  On a basic level, the form is not complicated and I would recommend it to anyone.  Books can make things seem to complicated for beginners, and this certainly holds for Frantzis’ books, as he is a stickler for details because of his extensive training and skills.

It is important to note that complicated aspects of the movements do not have to be taught initially.  There are even adaptations for people who cannot stand.  You can do it on a stool or even lying bed, using intention to substitute for completion of hand movements.  The number of repetitions can also be reduced to adapt to one’s capacity.  The basic movements can be learned within a weekend by most people.  The book and DVD can help refine your practice over time and be a valuable resource.  In-depth learning comes over time, as with all Taoist practices.  But health improvement can be obtained even when the exercises are not done perfectly.

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