One Finger Zen Meditation and the Chants

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The “One Finger Zen Meditation” is a powerful way to activate the qi in your hands and facilitate healing.  This Buddhist qigong involves the use of a 3-stage chant at the beginning and increases both your ability to sense the energy fields of others, as well as your ability to project healing qi towards others.  Most of the aspects of the moves are demonstrated in the video referenced below by Ken Cohen, but there are a couple of small changes regarding the chants in the intial phase which can increase this meditation’s effectiveness.  I also discuss the characteristics of the chants and their vibrational effects.

This qigong exercise is shown in the 24-minute video below and there is an Amazon link to the DVD to the left of this paragraph. It begins with the relaxed wuji standing posture, observing all of the alignments and postural recommendations which have been described in Standing Qigong for Healers.  In the next phase, you do the movement with the arms going up the sides of the body and joining above the forehead and going downward with the three chants, in the order of OM, AH and then HUNG.

Instead of doing the chant phase one time per session, as shown in the video, you can do it for three times to help open up the upper dantien and the chakras of the throat and heart.   The reason for doing this three times is to help open these energy centers with the chant vibrations.  Each time you do the chants, you can go deeper into feeling your connection with these centers.

Another change to incorporate: During the HUNG phase of the chants, as your clasped hands are centered over the chest during the phase, you can rotate them in a counter-clockwise direction.  This helps open up the chest by adding to the vibration effect.

Characteristics of the Chant Healing Sounds

Each of the sounds has outer, inner and even secret meanings.  Some of these meanings are discussed below.  However, the basic point to understand for your practice is that they set up a vibrational field within the body that disperses and releases stagnant energies and thought. That vibrational field heals our bodies and minds so we can heal others.

OM is the sound that affects the upper dantien at the third eye, increasing our compassion and ability to be aware in the present moment.  Internally, OM purifies the subtle energy channels in the body.  OM also embodies the essence of form and the energy behind the origin of all things.

AH is the sound of the growth of life and it brings up the realization of our radiant nature.  This part of the chant begins when your hands pass the point where your yang and yin channels meet, under your nose.  Speech and hearing are controlled by the throat chakra.  Anatomically, the human body has the highest proportion of nerve endings in this part, especially around the mouth.  The AH chant can therefore help release nervous energy held within that region and allow a more relaxed connection with our speech and hearing abilities.

HUNG, a derivative way to pronounce HUM, is the fundamental sound of the hidden potential of life. This sound purifies all of the negative actions committed through your body, and it helps connect your intention (mind) with your heart chakra. Through this chant, we can reach spiritual clarity and our true, sky-like nature.


1. <a href=”″>One Finger Zen:  Ken Cohen</a>




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