Qigong Healing by Distance and Energy Field Manipulation

In order to recover from medical disorders, if you can find someone who teaches qigong and is also capable of qigong healing, the journey to healing can be faster.  An experienced teacher is capable of much more than teaching movement forms and meditations – they should also be capable of sensing energetic blockages and helping you remove them.

Through your experience with your teacher, you may become aware of that they have these abilities.   This blog entry discusses, in general terms, the way in which qigong teachers, who are also healers, can effect healing by distance and energy field manipulation.

Your teacher may not demonstrate this ability, even though they may have it.  In some cases they may be testing your commitment to healing and change that is needed for health improvement.   They will know if you are committed in your practice by how you practice and how your energy develops.  So, if you demonstrate progress (which requires regular practice) the trust that the teacher has in you will more than likely increase and he or she may share their abilities with you to help you heal.

Distance Healing with Qigong

You will find on the web some people who offer distance healing qigong.  I don’t want to throw water on this offering, because my belief and experience does extend to this as a possibility.  I believe in the power of Christian prayer and that qigong healers can tap into this same source of healing.  Being able to tap into the zero-point energy field, which is theorized in quantum physics, is believed to be that source.   Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson discusses distance healing methods in his book on Medical Qigong.  Part of the training to become a medical qigong doctor at his school includes energy field manipulation methods. Some qigong teachers may have this advanced gift as well. But use of caution for internet offers for distance qigong healing.

Qigong Healing by Manipulation of the Energy Field

In acupuncture, the needles are placed on energy points that help drain, or dissolve blockages that you may have in your body.  The needles are usually placed in patterns to help move the energy out towards your extremities, your hands or feet.  The same thing can be done by a healer without needles by working with the edge of your first etheric field, which is located at about a fist’s distance from your body. In Jin Shin Do acupressure, practitioners move down the channels though the extraordinary channels to help lead the chi outward. However, Jin Shin Do uses direct physical contact as does acupuncture methods.

Qigong healers can sense the edge of your energetic field with the lao gong point in the center of the palm of the hand.  Once the healer contacts the field where there is blocked or deficient energy, they will notice the site by their energy sensitivity at the lao gong.  There are specific hand and finger manipulations that can be done to both tonify weak areas and drain areas that have excess energy.

Qigong Exercise Practice Reinforces Healing

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As I have said previously in this blog and in other blog entries, your commitment to regular practice is a very important aspect of recovery from illness.  Qigong exercises and meditation practices help you overcome unhealthful habits and movement patterns so you can move beyond the constraints that may keep you in an unhealthy state or predispose you to disease. But, there is one caveat, the element known as “te,” or virtue.  As defined from the classic meaning of the term it can represent “personal character”, “inner strength”, or “integrity.”  This term or concept is something that one may have in various degrees and can be a deciding factor in the rate and success of healing.  In this regards, a fusion of your intention (will) and self-compassion will go a long way toward facilitating progress.  If you have these factors in your practice, you will be on your way to optimum health in your energy cultivation.

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