Qigong Research Updates on Fibromyalgia, Stress and Tinnitus

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Here are some results of recently published works of studies relating to the use of qigong exercises and meditation for improving fibromyalgia, stress and tinnitus. If you are interested in the use of qigong therapy for improving health conditions, join the Yahoo! group “qiresearch” to get this information. There is more helpful information in the qiresearch reports regarding other research studies as well. Here are highlights of current research on these three health conditions:

1. Fibromyagia – Training in classical Tai Chi was compared with a control group that received wellness education and stretching exercises. The results showed a greater than 18% reduction in fibromyalgia impact as measured by the Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire.

2. Stress - Meditative movement qigong exercises were compared to a control group in a student population. Self-reported scores for well being and stress showed that the students who practiced qigong remained stable during the semester, while the control group’s levels of stress increased and feeling of well being decreased.

3. Tinnitus – In this study, half of the patients where given 10 qigong training sessions over 5 weeks, and the control group was had no such training. For the qigong groups, there was a significant reduction in both the scores for the VAS (visual analogue scale) and a tinnitus questionnaire (TBF-12). The positive effects were most pronounced in a subgroup that had somatosensoric tinnitus.

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