Shared Items for Taoist Meditation- Sept. 16, 2010

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day archive - Israel ev...
Zhan Zhuang in Israel during World Tai Chi Day 2010

Here are some items that I am making available that support the content and intent of healing using qigong methods. In the future, there will be monthly updates for these shared items to provide readers with more inspirational thoughts about Taoism, meditation and improving health using qigong exercises. These items can also be found on the Google Reader website for Qigong Healing Google Reader Shared Items if you wish to directly subscribe to that feed.

The heart of Tao
March 26, 2010
A short, but useful reminder of the need for peacefulness of mind during the practice of Taoist meditation methods.

Inside Zhan Zhuang
July 15, 2010
A link to a YouTube video by Marc S. Cohen on allowing the energy to go down so it can reciprocate and go up the body while doing standing meditation. There is an interesting demonstration of the movement of energy to another person at the end.

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