Standing Qigong Meditation (Zhan Zhuang)

One of the most productive means of building energy and healing from disorders is to practice standing qigong. Standing qigong meditation (also known as Zhan Zhuang) is a static, isometric exercise that puts the tendons and bone structure into a prolonged state of extension in relation to gravity. Sequential relaxation of muscles occurs, starting from the upper part of the body downward. There should be an extension (that is within 75% of your limits and is aided by muscular tension release) of vertebrae along your spine, along your arms to your fingers, and in your legs.

Some say that, although your muscles are relaxed, your structure in the bones and tendons is energized by the extension. Energy moves through a relaxed muscle more than in a tensed muscle. When you first begin standing qigong meditation your muscles do strain to maintain the posture; however, as your practice continues you will notice that force is not necessary and it may seem that something outside of your form is helping you keep the stance. Some do visualizations of resting the arms on an energy ball, if you are doing that stance, and sitting upon another energy ball to aid in the relaxation.

You may notice an opening of your structure as your breath in and and relaxing downward as you breath out as your training progresses. Getting to this point requires discipline and good posture maintenance. Because many do not regularly practice this type of qigong, it is common to hear that it doesn’t do what is promised. I recommend that you practice some everyday. Starting off with only 5 minutes and working up to at least a 15 minute practice per day. On days when you are really busy, back off and do 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes or so before you go to bed. It will be worth the effort. After practicing standing qigong meditation regularly, you will notice that you have more power and grace in your movement practices of qigong or tai chi.


1. Lam Kam Chuen. The Way of Energy.
2. Bruce Frantzis. Opening the Energy Gates of the Body.

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Practitioner of Qigong and T'ai Chi in the water tradition of Lao Tse since 1995. See my blog entry on asthma to understand my healing journey.
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12 Responses to Standing Qigong Meditation (Zhan Zhuang)

  1. I’m just come across, your blog is charming! I’m joy,hope we can be good friends!

  2. Jake says:

    This is a great method of healing , I spent about 2 years in China practicing Tai Chi and my general health condition and energy improved dramatically.

  3. This is the first time I have heard about qigong. The Chinese are way beyond us in the West regarding healing of the body without pills and surgeries. Thank you so much for this valuable information.

  4. This is the first time I have heard of qigong, sounds very interesting and makes alot of sense, I think we need to focus more on ways to heal the body without medicines. Love your site!

  5. SH says:

    I chanced upon your blog in my search to deepen my standing qigong practice. Its great! Full of useful practical advice. I live in Singapore and there are no teachers of zhan zhuang here. I have practically bought all of Bruce Frantzis’ books and I have found your site immensely helpful in navigating my way through my practice. Please keep your articles coming and tell us a bit about yourself and where you reside. Blessings.

  6. Qigong Healing says:

    Thanks for you kind comments. I have added links to my Facebook and Twitter pages, where I frequently do posts of updates on related websites and random thoughts about qigong exercises, meditation and Taoism. Find out more through these web pages. Many blessings and best wishes for your practice.

  7. Yadi Supreme says:

    Zhan Zhuang is amazing. Absolutely right on “most people do NOT practice this regularly”. That’s why people prefer movement and fancy visualizations.
    The Qi is intelligent and will go wherever it is needed. This simple practice is the foundation for all IMA and can facilitate MIRACLES.


  8. Qigong Healing says:

    Right on. I couldn’t have said this better. Thanks for your comment.

  9. Qigong Healing says:

    Hi Henrik: I am glad to have this as a comment. If there are other meetup groups for qigong, please send me a post so I can help with the publicity. Qigong needs more publicity.

  10. Hi…i found the following list of qigong groups in Singapore:

    Qigong Groups are located at the following places: ® Home/ Committee/ Training/ Events/Contact Us
    Venue Name of Group Remarks
    Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 Blk 208 Ang Mo Kio Blk 208 Qigong Group
    Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 Blk 438 Cheng San Zone ‘B’ RC Qigong Group
    Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 Blk 456 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 Qigong Group
    Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 Blk 470 Teck Ghee-Chong Boon Zone A RC
    Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 Blk 231 Kebun Bahru CC SCEC Qigong Group
    Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 Blk 325A Ang Mo Kio Blk 325A Qigong Group
    Ang Mo Kio CC Yio Chu Kang CC SCEC Qigong Club Evening only
    Ang Mo Kio West Garden Ang Mo Kio Hill Top Qigong Group
    Ayer Rajah CC Pandan Garden Zone 1 RC Qigong Group
    Bangkit Rd Blk 270 Bt Panjang Zone 6 RC Qigong Group Tuesday evening only
    Bangkit Rd Blk 273 Hardcourt Bukit Panjang Blk 273 Qigong Group
    Bedok North Park Bedok Town Park Qigong Group
    Bedok Reservoir Rd Blk 640 Bedok Reservoir Road Blk 639 Qigong Group
    Bedok South Ave 3 Blk 300 Siglap CC Qigong Group
    Bedok Stadium Bedok Stadium Qigong Group
    Bedok Swimming Pool Park Bedok Swimming Pool Park Qigong Group
    Bishan East CC Bishan East CC SCEC Qigong Group
    Bishan Park Bishan North Qigong Group
    Bishan Park 1 Bishan Park Lakeside Qigong Group
    Bishan Park I Bishan Park West-end Qigong Group
    Bishan Park II Bishan Park Qigong Group
    Bishan St 12 Blk 125 Hardcourt Bishan East Zone ’2′ RC Qigong Group
    Boon Lay Drive Blk 190 Boon Lay Zone D RC Qigong Group
    Boon Lay Drive Blk 206 Boon Lay Drive Blk 206 Qigong Group
    Boon Lay Drive Blk 267 Boon Lay Drive Qigong Group
    Bukit Batok CC Bukit Batok CC
    Bukit Panjang CC Bukit Panjang CC AM Qigong Group
    Bukit Panjang Neighbourhood Park 5 Bukit Panjang Zone 8 RC Qigong Group
    Bukit Panjang Ring Rd Blk 241 Bukit Panjang Zone 7 RC Qigong Group
    Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Park Bukit Timah Climbers’ Qigong Group
    Canberra Link Blk 589 Roof Top Garden Sembawang Zone K RC Qigong Group
    Chai Chee St Blk 61 Chai Chee Blk 61 Qigong Group
    Chempaka Park Sennett Qigong Group
    Chinese Garden Carpark Chinese Garden Qigong Group
    Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 (Keat Hong Park) Yew Tee CC Qigong Group
    Choa Chu Kang Dr Blk 660 Hard Ct Yew Tee RC Zone 12 Qigong Group
    Choa Chu Kang Drive Blk 639 Choa Chu Kang Blk 639 Qigong Group
    Choa Chu Kang St 64 Blk 690 Yew Tee RC Zone 12 Qigong Group
    Chua Chu Kang Stadium Choa Chu Kang Stadium Qigong Group
    Circuit Rd Blk 58 Macpherson Zone A RC Qigong Group
    Clementi CC Clementi CC Qigong Group
    Dover Rd Blk 5 Dover Road Qigong Group
    East Coast Park (near Car Park C) Marine Parade Qigong Group
    Eng Kong Garden Eng Kong (Yong Kang) Garden Qigong Group
    Eunos Petal Garden Eunos Community Club Qigong Group
    Everton Park Blk 3 Multi-Purpose Court Everton Park Qigong Group
    Fajar Rd Blk 434 Bukit Panjang Zone 9 RC Qigong Group
    Farrer Garden Blk 8A Car Park Farrer Garden‘s RC Qigong Group
    Gek Poh Ville CC Gek Poh CC Qigong Group
    Geylang East Blk 124 Geylang East Blk 124 Qigong Group
    Haig Rd Blk 5 Basketball Court Haig Road Blk 5 SCC Centre Qigong Group
    Hougang Ave 1 Blk 237

  11. Qigong Healing says:

    Wow! Singapore has a lot of groups practicing!

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