Tai Chi Chuan Classes in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

English: Outdoor practice in Beijing's Temple ...

English: Outdoor practice in Beijing’s Temple of Heaven. Polski: Ćwiczenia taijiquan w Pekinie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a short blurb for anyone who is interested in taking Tai Chi Chuan classes in Guanacaste. Classes have been offered in Filadelfia and there are plans for offering another set of classes in Liberia and possible Santa Cruz. The teacher for these classes would be Ligia Chavarria, who teaches the long forms, Tai chi ruler and Tai chi sword classes. Here mobile cell number is 8372-6407.

And, if you forgot, Tai chi is a choreographed form of qigong that can be used for healing as well as for self-defense. Doña Ligia teaches it for improving your health.

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