Taoist Practice: Becoming What You Practice


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We become what we practice. This is said in many different spiritual traditions. If you are a dabbler, your practice can be more of a ego journey (I can do this!) than a way of internal transformation. Putting in the time makes “becoming” attainable, with an attendant diminishing of the ego.  True discovery with internal changes occurs.

Becoming is a process of transformation.  It enhances and allows you to drop things you don’t need, that which holds you back from being what is possible. Leaving behind things allows calmness and interior space to take hold.  Holding that quiet interior allows more spatial, creative doing and your thinking is less constrictive and judgmental.

When practicing continuous, deep breathing we also benefit our physiology and psychological state of being. Practicing consciousness of the breath, we are left gifted with a sense of rootedness when things outside are anything but rooted. Deep breathing also massages the organs and improves blood circulation around and within them. When exhaling, release of stagnant energy occurs.  Physically, you become less constricted and less dense.

Practicing of qigong exercises also increases flexibility and facilitates improved energy flow in the body.  In the process we encounter and hold intent on our restrictions.  As water wears away rock, these restrictions dissolve.  Dissolving meditation during movements and standing meditation can also lead to psychic releases that allow opening up of one’s consciousness. 

Allowing and continuity of practice wears away our restrictions that make us less than we can be.  Become what you can be. 

Practice. Be open to the spiritual gifts, but don’t become attached to them.


In humility and peace,


Randy M.




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