The Timing, Location and Music for Qigong Meditation and Exercise Practices

Cover of "Enya - Amarantine (Songbook)"

Cover of Enya - Amarantine (Songbook)

Qigong meditation and exercises require concentration and focusing of your intent. In order to help you in that regard, there are several things that can help you.  These are the timing of practice, where you choose to do it and the music you listen to.  If all of these factors are optimal,  you can do to make your practice time more effective.

Avoid Distractions and Practice When the Energy is the Most Beneficial for Healing

If you can get up early in the morning to do your practice, this is the best time to meditate. Energetically speaking, it is the best time for your body to benefit. Also, if you have a family, you will not be distracted by their activities at this time and you can focus on yourself. External interruptions can lure your attention away from your attention as to how your practice is going. If you have to practice at a time when your family is active, ask them to respect your time for practice, giving you time to practice effectively. If may also help to have a special room where you practice, a room that is not located near where daily activities of your family occur. Make this room a comfortable sanctuary for practice.

Remember that in Taoist meditation, you really are working on and developing an internal awareness of your body and its energies. As you progress in your practice, you may be able to practice under situations that have more distractions.  Maintain your “sung.”

Meditation Music

Music that doesn’t have words can help you focus and go beyond external distractions. There are many CD’s and individual track that people use for stress relief music and are also are suitable for qigong practice.  A few recommended tracks, artists and full CDs are listed below. Also check out this link for an inexpensive 30-minute binaural piece (only 99 cents): Probably The Best Music For Relaxation and Meditation.  There is also another source for binaural meditation music – The Unexplained Store, and a video that has that music is featured below.  Note, however, for binaural music you need to have your earphones on for it to work its magic.


Classical Music:
Paul Schwartz – Misere – 6 min, performed by David Visan
Felix Mendelsson – A Midsummers Night Dream, 6 min
Gabriel Fabre – Pavane, op. 50, 10 min
Gustav Mahler – Adagietto, symphony no. 5 in C sharp minor, 10 min, 6 min
Jules Massenet – Meditation – Thais, 5 min
Mozart – Adagio, Clarinet Concerto in A major, KV 622, 7 min
Pietro Mascgni – Intermezzo – Cavalleria Rusticana, 3 min

Electronica, flute and mixes:
Inner Dance – Dr. Jeffrey Thompson (60 min)
Lux – Northern Light, 5 min
Mari Boine – Gula Gula (Chilluminati Mix), electronic with chanting, 4 min
Midori – Bonsai Garden
(Tibetan) Chakra Chants by Jonathan Goldman
Cat with Seven Toes – Ancestral Voices, flute/electronica, Native American
Enya – Amarantine CD
Tim Story – The Lure of Silence, 5 min

Takes from the Soul of the Machine CD

Bonnie Herman, etc. – Time and the River, 4 min (good one for finishing practice)
Colin Chin – Ayers Rock, 6 min
Michael Whiteley – Water Trade
Richard Shonerz, Shido – Peace of Mind (piano/electronic)
RoyFinch – Shadows of the Earth
Scott Hitzik, etc –Chorale

You can make your own mix using the cuts for putting together a music session to the length and style that suits your practice. It can help to have a set that you are familiar with so you can emerge from your meditation within the time frame you have available for practice.

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