What is Qigong?

There is a reason why I have written a new “What is Qigong” page (see the menu bar above). I have found that many who comment on this blog have not heard of it and its utility in helping people improve their health and energy. Everyone has heard of yoga, and many know of Tai chi, which came from qigong practices. I have accepted a few of these comments in various posts, but they are becoming so numerous I am now declining this type of feedback. The new page, “What is Qigong?” covers the meaning of the word, related words that are synonyms, a brief history, Medical Qigong (qi emission therapy), and self-improvement qigong exercises. There is also a YouTube video that shows the Eight Pieces Brocade exercise, which may be the most popular form of qigong that is practiced. So, if you are contemplating leaving a comment in this category, go instead to the new page link on the menu bar above and click it. As compared to yoga, qigong needs more PR in the U.S. and European countries to help educate people as to its healing ability and usefulness in health maintenance. If people decide to learn and do simple daily qigong exercises that take only a few minutes out of their day, they will become living testaments to the power of this kind of exercise and can provide the best evidence for its effectiveness for health improvement to the world.

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Practitioner of Qigong and T'ai Chi in the water tradition of Lao Tse since 1995. See my blog entry on asthma to understand my healing journey.
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