Qigong, Meditation and Chinese Herbs Heal Lymphoma Cancer

Herbal prescriptions of TCM plus qigong, tai chi and meditation are a powerful combination for combating cancer.

This is an inspiring story of the healing power of qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is the story of Chinese immigrants in Canada who met the challenge of a cancer diagnosis and use these traditional techniques to help overcome disease.

Helen Liang is an accomplished wushu practitioner who learned this martial art from her father, who is now a professor in Canada teaching. A few years ago, Helen was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer and was given a prognosis of living only another 3 weeks.

They called a TCM doctor in Seattle, Dr. Xue-Zhi Wang, for herbal prescriptions to help eliminate the cancer and also used another Western alternative medicine doctor to presrcribe something to rebuild her immune system. All during the 3-week period, she took the medicines and practiced qigong, tai chi and meditation. This is all she did. And the 3-week mark passed, another week and another. She met additional challenges six months later, and finally regained her strength after about a year.

The whole ordeal was obviously not a silver bullet cure. Many things had to come together to effect healing to overcome the cancer. And there was a devotion to the process of healing on the part of Helen, her family and friends and the two doctors. Having such support can be rare in places where these methods are not well known and are not a part the culture.

An article was written about her experience in Kungfu/Qigong Magazine in 2003, which was published seven years after her diagnosis. She currently works at a bank and teaches wushu with her father.

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